Kanye West- the ever controversial king is back! Kanye never ceases to amaze his fans with ludicrous acts that leave social media pages exploding with excitement. This time round he decided to do a fierce pink do over on his hair. This guy is like a series in the making, from album to album, from season to season, he keeps changing.

But I think this is cooler than disrupting Taylor’s big moment at the MTV Music Video Awards after swigging a bottle of Hennessy cognac. Okay, let’s call this Kanye’s hair evolution. This guy has done a bleach blonde, sherbet, mosaic, soul-glo and now the bubblegum look! Or he is just trying to express himself, pink is the color of universal love, is it not?


Kanye’s pink hair

Critics though, say this has got something to do with his Synesthesia, a condition in which colors, sounds and sights are perceived almost simultaneously. Some even joked saying it looked like he used some of Kims pink leftover hair dye! Anyway this is one of the coolest things Kanyes done this year.

By Emmanuel Otieno