It’s never a dull moment on Twitter especially when there’s a celeb tweef(Twitter beef between celebrities for those not familiar with Twitter language).And in one of the most epic celeb feuds of 2016,Kanye and Wiz Khalifa had a go at each other and boy did Tweeps enjoy it.

It all started when Kanye changed the title of his highly anticipated album from ‘SWISH’ to ‘WAVES’ on Tuesday night which kinda upset Wiz and had him tweet this yesterday:

Wiz then apparently struck a nerve with Kanye with a tweet that was seemingly referring to West’s wife,Kim Kardashian:

Khalifa claims that he was talking about ‘Khalifa Kush'(a specific strain of weedbut that didn’t stop Kanye from spending almost half an hour roasting him in tweets that he later deleted:(proceed with caution)

Wiz Ye 1Wiz ye 2Wiz Ye 3wiz ye 4wiz ye 5wiz ye 6wiz ye 7                                                                                                   Kanye later seemed to have found some inner peace and tweeted back:

Or perhaps not:

It surely took him a while to know what ‘KK’ meant:

Of course this beef couldn’t have ended without Amber Rose putting her two cents in it:

By:David Ng’ang’a