Amid reports that he had already “dropped” out of the USA presidential race, Kanye West has filed the first papers required to vie for the post.

The Flashing Lights singer filled out the first form required by the Federal Election Commission – Form 1: Statement of Organization. The form declares that Kanye will vie as a candidate and will have the Kanye 2020 committee as his ‘Principal Campaign Committee.

Kanye West’s Form 1: Statement of Organization

The rapper also declared that he will be running as a presidential candidate for the BDY Party. The party was formed after West declared his intentions to vie for the post on his Twitter handle. The BDY Party – which stands for the Birthday Party, is deemed as a third-party.

However, Kanye is yet to file another form, Form 2: Statement of Candidacy. The form shows he’s “raised or spent more than $5,000 in campaign activity” and triggers candidacy status under federal campaign finance law.

Kanye’s advisers: Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk

He also shared that he was being advised by his wife–cum-billionaire, Kim Kardashian West and Elon Musk who is the founder and owner of Tesla. West told Forbes he planned to model his White House on the fictional land of Wakanda from Marvel’s Black Panther comics if he won. “Let’s get back to Wakanda,” he said.

Democrat Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden and the White House incumbent President Trump

These developments came after a poll placed the famed singer a distant third behind incumbent Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden. He had also rescinded his support for Donald Trump after being one of his vocal supporters since his win in 2016.  He said that he had “lost confidence” in President Trump over his handling of the Coronavirus crisis and the police killing of George Floyd.

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However, West’s campaign seems doomed even before it gets started as he had already missed deadlines to get on some states’ presidential ballots while some are fast approaching. It is unclear if he will be able to collect enough signatures required by some states in order to qualify.