Well,well,well Kanye West hits again, this time not an album but a cloth line not any other ordinary pants, skinnies or sweat shirt it’s the new suit in town.

I call it the “nude suit”. This Suit was launched at the new York fashion week which various celebrities came to support Kanye’s new line even his adorable daughter North and his wife the beautiful Kim Kardashian made their appearances. Let me give you a solid picture of what his line is about, brown stockings that have slightly been given a twist by having crop tops and high waist stockings.

The most bizarre thing about Kanye’s line is that it’s too nude to wear it bear so he topped it up with an over sized collage jacket and buggy torn sweaters. If only he would have worn his line to the Grammy Awards just like P. Diddy, LL Cool J or his daughter North do to all their appearances. Problem would be if he wore it all his “fundamentals” would be seen to the whole world, no one would want a porn show on the run way from a male celebrity,wouldn’t you?

Kanye’s line is more of seeking attention from the public and he surely got my attention. Imagine if he sold us something boring, nobody would have even cared to know what his fashion line is about. It’s not boring but it’s just weird and I wouldn’t wear it anywhere. The source of his line is from Adidas, yes Adidas we all know it is a sports line that have sports gears and equipment’s but for Kanye, aiyaya surely they have done a “good” job. This fashion line was more thought of Lady Gaga, who really knows what she wants she wears Gaga sings gaga and talks gaga.

Kanye West is natural gaga, he wore a skirt to one of his concerts and now he has a fashion line that is just nude.in one of his interviews he says nude is beauty so he is trying to embrace nudeness .so finally Kanye is embracing our Kenyan culture #mydressmychoice, how thoughtful Kanye West.

But some people are controlled by what celebrities do, wear, talk, think and even the wrong decisions they make. It’s not a surprise to see some guy or lady where his line to an invent I bet the next move would be an unpleasant escort from team security.my piece of advice to all those who want to try out his line don’t if you can’t handle the shame.

By Janiana

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