Kanye West has been doing a whole lot of talking on Twitter as of late, and while this is no different from his previous antics, the context of his tweets this time around has some people wondering if he’s OK. From asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for money — on Twitter — to telling the world he’s millions of dollars in debt, Ye’s been acting out, but don’t be alarmed, as his longtime friend says he’s all good.

The unnamed source claims that his friend is just fine.

“I haven’t felt personally concerned about his well being,” he said. “Every time I talk with him — which is almost every day — he’s extremely good-natured, [and] in a great mood.”

He also continued that the rapper may just be overwhelmed with the many ventures he has been juggling — his new album The Life of Pablo and the Yeezy Season 3 clothing line launch. He said the MC is also “excited about his family” and “being a good father” to his two children.

Rhymefest says Kanye “needs help, in the form of counseling. Spiritual & mental.


The mental health questions were first brought to the light last week when Kanye’s former collaborator, Rhymefest, tweeted that he “needs help, in the form of counseling. Spiritual & mental.” “I want him to be happy, and if he’s not happy, I’m concerned,” Rhymefest, who co-wrote the rapper’s hits “Jesus Walks” and “New Slaves,” said in a recent red carpet interview.

Despite Kanye’s friend defending him, there is recent audio that has surfaced. Kanye is heard having a meltdown before his Saturday SNL performance. Listen to it(below). Do you really think Kanye is Mentally stable??

*Some of the audio contains foul language and may be offensive to some people.