Crime Scene

The murders of teenager girls is sadly on the rise. In a world where we are made to believe that technology has transformed our lives for the better; we realize sometimes it’s the opposite. It is a case of the double edged sword.

A young lady, Bridget Wanjiru, met her untimely death after being lured by the assailant through a text message.

Last Monday evening, the young lady left her mum just after they shared their dinner together. She said that she needed to meet someone who had texted her and would be back soon. She was sure that the meeting would not take long and even told her mum to wait up for her.

Bridget left her home in Matopeni, Kayole but never returned. Her body would be found the next morning, dumped in napier grass away from her home.

“She texted me minutes after leaving house and told me she had been arrested and was unsure if she would be back that day,” Ms Mwikali, Bridget’s mum said


She said she received her daughter’s message at 10.03pm.

It was written in Kiswahili: “Mum, nimeshikwa na sijui kama nitarudi. Naogopa.”

“We did not find her at the police stations which included Kayole Police Station and Ruai Police Station. We decided to go back home and continue the search in the morning,” she said.


When Bridget’s body was found, it had numerous wounds believed to have been from a sharp object.

Based on the evidence the assailant might have been someone close to the victim, could it have been the case of a love affair gone wrong?