A high school student who scored 447 marks in 2014  KCPE examinations has been killed alongside others by a mob; after being caught stealing from a shop on Friday,February 26.

The student who is only identified as Felix, is said to have dropped out of secondary school due to lack of school fees.

He hails from Bungoma and is described as an orphan whose welfare had been taken up by a non-governmental organisation.

According to his landlord, he heard commotions in the dead of the night as Felix and his accomplices were being chased around by bodaboda operators.

One of their colleague  was shot dead by police while Felix and the rest were stoned to death by a mob while inside his one-room mabati house.

Felix has been described as a well-mannered boy only that he was surrounded by bad company

His house rent was under the care of Maisha Poa, a non-governmental organisation that deals with street children.

It is heartbreaking when such a brilliant young man ends up resorting to criminal activities to survive. He should have been in school