Yeap. The spirit of elections is still with us. A student from Kenani secondary school has decided to pull a Raila Odinga (forgive the pun) on the forthcoming KNEC exams. Will he still go through with his plans? 

Let me take you through the process of exams. KNEC exams to be specific. You’ve been preparing for KCSE all your life. From the minute you walked into 104 to the minute you prep yourself in 304 and 404, you know there’s a giant to be slain. Amid the afternoons spent dozing off after that tasty ugali you had for lunch and the occasional absentee teacher.

As the day approaches, worry becomes your best friend. Forget Vic, your super intelligent mathematics friend. Kwanza how does he get those scores?? Or Mary with her deep understanding of the Caucasian Chalk Circle. Yes, if you haven’t been paying attention, welcome to class. That’s the set book you’ll be tested on.

Waah. Crazy right? Wrong. You have the power to change all of that with a pen and paper. No, no. You don’t have to sit for the exams. You can write a letter to officially resign from the exams just like one 404 student has done. Victor Angweni Muli just wrote a letter to the KNEC office stating that he has withdrawn. Reason? Uncertainty in exams.

Lemme share with you what the bold student wrote…

You can surrender and not push through with the exams. You can also remind yourselves of several things:

1)You’ve been studying since 104

2)There will definitely be life after skool

3) You have so many people who are wishing you well

So just give it your best. Don’t stress too much. Then again, if you don’t stress at all, do you really care about those grades? Enough stress and you’ll be fine.

The million dollar question is, will Victor sit for the exam set to start next week? We also don’t know. Only he does.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Wishing all 404s the best in the coming KCSE exams.