Comedian Chipukeezy left the world of radio to focus on growing his career and venturing purely on comedy. And this moves seems to be paying off. The funny man had an American tour that seemed to be rather successful. He even got to meet American’s funniest man at the moment- Kevin Hart.

Chipukeezy probably has something planned for Kenyans, judging by his recent post on his social media accounts. However, the post might not have given him the response he desired.

He just got roasted for asking Kenyans if the would pay 20k to watch international star, Hart, perform.

He posted

Would you pay 20000.KSH to watch Mr Kevin hart live in Nairobi

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The reactions he got from Kenyans will leave you rolling on the floor. Clearly peeps ain’t about to part with 20k to see anyone perform! See some of the hilarious reactions below.