Guess who’re the new celebrity parents in town ?, Kenrazy and Sosuun! The two welcomed their second daughter on Wednesday and named her FRENETH HIGHNESS AKETCH. However, all this is a surprise to the couple’s fans as the couple kept it top secret. I mean, the baby bump didn’t show, Sosuun didn’t even take to social media to post like other celebrities do, it was all just kawaida. How did they do it? Nobody even knew when the two were blessed with the bundle of joy!

Earlier today, Sosuun posted on her Instagram page the good news, revealing form the first time photos of her pregnancy, posing with her eldest daughter Keviana in a Beyonce-Blue-Ivy style. Accompanying the photos was a long caption part of which read, “#OurNewestGirlGotHereSafeSoundAndHealthy 5th-04-2017, FRENETH HIGHNESS AKETCH”.

Kenrazy too took to Instagram to post a photo of his hands holding Sosuun’s with a caption of time, “11:00am,” meaning it’s when the baby was born, two days ago.

Congratulations to the couple for the bundle of joy.