Here are the official draws for the National Kenya Secondary Schools Sports games to be held at State House girls and Nairobi School as from 11th April to 15th April.


  1. Pool A- Uppah (Nairobi), St. Mary’s Yala (Nyanza), Kanagru (Eastern), Bush (Central)
  2. Pool B- Patch (Nairobi), Galana School (Coast), kakamega (Western), Laisewr Hiil (Rift Valley)


BasketBall Girls

  1. Pool A- North Eastern (Unrepresented yet), St. Bridgids Girls (R. Valley), BuruBuru Girls (Nairobi), Nyamira (Nyanza)
  2. Pool B- Kaya Tiwi (Coast), Kirinyaga (Central), Tigoi (Western), Loreto Limuru (Central)


BasketBall Boys

  1. Pool A- Kapsabet Boys (Eastern), Uppah (Nairobi), Agakhan Academy (Coast), Kisumu Boys (Nyanza)
  2. Pool B- Laiser Hill (R. Valley), North Eastern (Unrepresented yet), Chavakali (Western), Nyeri Baptist (Central)


Hockey Girls.

  1. Pool A- Moi Girls’ School (Nairobi), Kerugoya Girls (Central), Sinyolo Girls (Nyanza), Bura Girls (Coastal)
  2. Pool B- Parklands Arya Girls (Nairobi), St. Joseph Kibwezi (Eastern), St. Josephs (R. Valley), St. Cecilia Misikhu (Western)


Hockey Boys.

  1. Pool A- Dr. Ribiero Parklands (Nairobi), Musingu (Western), Kisumu Day (Nyanza), Shimo La Tewa (Coast)
  2. Pool B- Uppah (Nairobi), Mang’u High (Central), Meru School (Eastern), St. Anthony’s (R. Valley)

What are your expectations? Who do you think will make it through the pools, to the finals? Which game are you looking forawrd to? Come on, let us know below, or engage with us on our official Facebook page The Insyder Magazine, where the games shall be streaming live. Ciao.