Despite all the corruption scandals, political instability and poverty -there is one thing we Kenyans can still celebrated-our brilliant minds.
Just yesterday Kenyan doctors made history. Kenya is the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to successfully separate sarcophagus twins.

The twins, who were born on September 4, 2014, shared the anal canal. They were conjoined in the lower region of the spine.

The delicate procedure lasted for almost 24 hours happened at Kenyatta National Hospital.

We did the surgery in three stages — to separate, to close the wounds and to create stomachs for them

Head of paediatric surgery Fred Kabuni said hours after the surgery.

The twins had lived together for two years and two months. They will also undergo four more reconstructive surgeries after their wounds have healed.

The twins will be monitored for one month to check on their progress.

They are still in the ICU. Specialists involved in the surgery included plastic surgeons, anaesthetists,neurosurgeons reconstructive surgeons and nurses.

Congratulations to the doctors and may the twins heal well.