The number of Kenyans in the US commiting crimes in US is on the rise.

David Njuguna was on Wednesday charged in a US Superior Court with killing a state trooper through reckless driving while under the influence of drugs.

The 30 year old living in Webster, Massachusetts, pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of manslaughter, motor vehicle homicide, operating to endanger, operating under the influence of drugs, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle before the court.

Prosecutors said Mr Njuguna was “in an impaired state” when his car rammed the vehicle of a Massachusetts State police trooper, Thomas Clardy, on March 16 killing him.

The cops said that they also found a half smoked joint in Njuguna’s car.

What is going on with Kenyans in the US? Have some of them gotten so reckless and think that they can cheat the law in US?

Source: Daily Nation