Richie Spice is set to perform in Kenya for the upcoming nobody can stop reggae concert. The Jamaican born artist is a reggae musician well known around the world.  Richie Spice has created some of the best content in music ranging from love songs to redemption songs back in the days. Richie Spice has been vocal in speaking of the injustices among the black people. He is also a great supporter of the African woman. This can be seen from some of his works, ‘black woman’.

Richie Spice landed in Kenya with one message to spread love, joy and peace through music. He is also a  champion for black unity and equality. When he first landed, the news of the child who was denied entry into school due to dread locks was the message he received. He requested a meeting with the parents of the child who was denied entry into school.

Richie spice message entailed the supporting of the marginalized communities in Kenya, the Rastafari community being one of them. He stated that for people to live in unity, there has to be equality amongst each and every member of the community.

Richie Spice also champions for the legalization of the marijuana herb, his reasons being it would lead to economic prosperity. He also stated that legalization of marijuana would help in curing so many diseases. That is the gospel according to Richie.

Richie is set to perform at the KICC grounds on Saturday 16th February 2019. The gates open at six in the evening and the show runs till the morning hours on Sunday.


Do not miss out on this reggae experience by the roots master Richie Spice.