Nyashinsky is back in the country and doing big things. I mean, who doesn’t love ‘Now You Know’? He did Mungu pekee and we can’t get enough. The guy is stealing the show and doing it big time. Kwanza have you guys heard his ‘wanahepa’? That is something else. Nyashinsky has been missing in action for years now, and nobody saw him come back and fit in the industry half as perfectly as he has done.

Here, let’s look at five Kenyan artistes who went missing and tried making comebacks, then failed.
You remember this guy? He did Nyundo with Juacali, namba yako and manzi amejibeba before fizzling out of the game. That was way back in 2004. He was pure talent. But word has it that he went to look for greener pastures in Sweden, before jetting back into the country quietly in 2011 and was on the headlines for plotting a musical comeback. He even did a song and video, Trophy girl, but it never went beyond Youtube.

flexx Then some songs that really have never been heard. And that was the last we heard of Flexx.
He shot to fame after his ‘usilete Compe’. Little known before then, Bamboo was seen as one of the best talents back then, with kina Abbas Kubaff and Chiwawa from K-south. He then went to the Us and there he tried to rep 254. He did a collabo with Akon (Mama Africa) and his little sister Victoria Kimani who used to be Vicky secret back then.


Halafu he came back in 2011 and before we knew it, he was saved. Now, Bamboo tried making his way back with several songs, recently doing a collabo with his old foe-turned-friend Prezzo.
XYzee’s Lexxy.
XYZee was one of the groups that touched people’s hearts with their songs. Songs like juu yako, Tafuta were topping charts before this group went the way other great musical groups have. That was long ago, and when most local music lovers had forgotten about them, one of the group’s members tried to come back into the ring alone.


Alex kinyua did Pretender before churning out Wanjiru which almost put him back on track. He has however not been very active and seemingly can’t keep up with kina Timmy T-dat and Kaka.
Jimwat didn’t go away. He’s been here. Right here with us but musically he’s been MIA, right? Don’t you all miss the lad who had a struggling moustache with witty rhymes and dope songs eventually? He however has been trying to put his life in order.


Jimweezy, before fading from the music scene, was riding high with Under 18, Mpaka Che featuring Pilipili and Sitoi Kitu Kidogo. He’s been in and out of rehabs and for the past one year he’s been trying to make a comeback. He has a song with walanguzi called On My way. Is it gonna be easy for him?
He did Banjuka and was the talk of the town. After a very successful reign and much fame, DNA decided to change and went gospel with ‘Mtoto Wa Sonko’ before he too disappeared.


Then he re-emerged with Maswali Ya Polisi. He is the only artiste who came back and reclaimed his spot at the top. Maswali ya