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Kenyan Ivy Awino first Female Dj for an NBA team


They call her Poison Ivy, and she sure is one to watch. Kenyan-born Ivy Awino is the first female Dj to be employed as an NBA team’s resident DJ. She will not be working as the Dallas Maverick’s Dj.


At the young age of 26, she is already making waves in the industry-working for Mavs is huge!

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Ivy was born in Nairobi but moved to the US in 1999 when she was 9 years old.  A few years later, she joined the Mavs Hoop Camp youth program because she developed a love for the game of basketball.  She worked with them till she left for collage when she turned 18.


“My first career goal was to become the first female commissioner of the NBA. I’d been around the game for so long. I was writing papers about the life of a female executive in the NBA.”

Awino stated.

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Dj Poison Ivy  is set to make her first appearance as Mav’s DJ on October 3rd


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