One this is for sure, the music business in East Africa is not as advanced as that of South Africa and West African countries. There aren’t many international music labels, like Sony and Universal, with the power of massive mainstream music distribution and promotion, here.

As much as the fact above is the hard truth. There is a trend that I have noticed that is becoming too prominent.

Tanzanians are unbeatable when it comes to supporting their own music. Whether the music is great or  ‘borderline bad’.

Before I bore you with the statistics from a recent research. Let me break it down using one variable- YOUTUBE VIEWS.

The massive hit song ‘Zigo’ has amassed almost 6 Million views in less than two months….


Now as you let that sink in…let us take a look at the hits that Sauti Sol have garnered for their greatest hit to date, ‘Sura Yako’, Please note that this is over a period of almost 2 years

sura yako

Yes, believe it or not, they have about just over 3 million hits.

Really, Kenyans, really?!

The research I was referring too earlier, shows that only 55 per cent of Kenyan youth care about music, a stark contrast to Tanzania’s 94 per cent. 

Over to y’all now, what do you think is the main reason for this startling disparity? Is it up to local media (print, radio and TV and digital) to support local acts? Or are you guys just not feeling the music that our artists are producing?