Doreen Mumbua, popular known by her stage name as Mumbua is the newest face on the Kenyan entertainment scene! I kid you not, once you listen to her vibes, be sure her sultry voice will catch your attention and make you a fan for a lifetime. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, music has always been part her life but it was after college that she decided to venture into it fully. She started by doing background vocals for artistes as well as doing voice-overs. In that journey, she was privileged to do commercials for different brands. In 2015, Mumbua took a break from music and discovered fitness and became enthusiastic about it, until 2020, when she decided to get back to music.


Her comeback track was released in February 2020, a song titled Karibia which was about a lady who isn’t afraid of calling out her lover. Her second one; Hizi Ni Gani, dropped in June 2020, setting the pace for her to stay consistent all throughout the year in order to cement her position as Kenya’s next top music star. Skiza is her third official release and the song is now officially out on YouTube and other digital music platforms.


Skiza is a love song about two lovers who are in a long distance relationship. “Skiza is a song I wrote in 2017 after doing some background vocals for an artiste. So Fresh and I started working on the song and I am glad to see it come to life now. The song is about a lover who is expressing her feelings to her significant other who is miles away and assuring them that they can make the relationship work despite the distance.” Mumbua states. 

Check out the song on Youtube: