Some artists took the Kenyan Music Industry by storm, made major hits and had all and sundry clinched to their music tighter than leech. However, when we were getting used to their mojo, they left us high and dry. We kept asking where they were at, got glued to their social media platforms waiting for a sign of something fresh from the oven. Little did we know they were just a passing cloud, they were like a one night stand but we unfortunately got attached.


Sage caught our music strings in a jiffy. She made fans erupt with love for her music most especially her strong vocals. We thought for a while she was the ‘ African Beyonce’. She was fit for the crown, she had the looks and her voice, uuuuu…mama left us drooling for more. After Dumbala which was a hit she went MIA in studio and we had less of her music on radio. She however made a come back in this year’s Koroga Festival and we hope she misses the industry as much as we miss her music.

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She had us sing to her mega hit Taboo, played it on radio 24/7. It was like a drug to us. Phy won the Maisha Superstar and came in second in Airtel Trace Star search. Phy got us feeling her music for a while before disappearing into thin air. We still see her tripping on social media looking all glamorous and all but we hardly see or hear her doing something in the studio. Is she trying to go the Nyashinski way. Go away then comeback and drop some sick beats. Girl… we are definitely waiting for it.

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Patricia Kihoro

Miss Patsey showed her prowess in music in TPF season 2. She had us feel her vibe in her song, Loving Wrong featuring Calvo Mistari but after that it was bye… bye… We haven’t heard anything from Patricia since then. She was one promising musician who decided to fade to a back-up singer and video vixen. But anyway there is light at the end of the darkest tunnel. Honey, we miss you and nothing hurts like knowing.

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These ladies were just some hot sauce that eventually failed to drip.