Lately it’s become a common trend in Kenya for some strange stuff happen to someone who has messed up with other people’s assets. Thieves who steal have grazed just like cows/goats while those ones who try making out with other people’s spouses have stuck. Well, seems this is making news beyond the borders and now their services are being sought as far as in Tanzania. Earlier this month, a man in Mara was furious that his herd of cows had been stolen. He assembled the whole village and gave them two weeks’ ultimatum to return his herd as he wanted no much drama.

Two weeks with no positive response, he sought help from this witch-doctor from Kisumu, who told the villagers that if he did what he had been called to do, then the thieves would begin doing strange things, like grazing. In three hours, it happened and two gentlemen (his nephew and brother-in-law) began grazing and doing other crazy stuff.

Since the act, more Tanzanians have been asking for the witch-doctor’s number! It seems that now, the once-feared ‘Mganga kutoka Simbawanga’ will be jobless as ‘Mganga kutoka Kenya’ takes over!