Celebrities are well known for having a wild and over-the-top lifestyle, especially the ones who make it to the top. With flashy cars, mansions and jewellery, they splash money around at will. Well, some do it for clout while others are just car enthusiasts.

Masauti- Bentley
Masauti is the latest celebrity to acquire a posh machine, a Bentley. He has been making many go green with envy with his new lifestyle. The Ipepete star was recently gifted Bentley by his own manager, complete with a customised number plate. The singer’s manager took to social media to appreciate Masauti’s talent hinting there is more to come. The car came just days after he dropped his collabo with Tanasha Donna, Liar.


Willy Paul- Mercedes Benz AMG
Hate him or love him, Willy Paul has definitely redefined the Kenyan entertainment scene. He is a gifted singer with lots of swag. The former gospel artist cruises around in a Mercedes AMG, which he acquired last year with total pride in what he got for himself. Clearly, he will not stop living his life for anyone.

Khaligraph Jones- Porsche Cayenne
As Kenyans continue to feel the heat of the harsh economy, courtesy of the lethal COVID-19, rapper Khaligraph Jones AKA Omollo is busy splashing millions into luxurious cars. He has an exquisite garage with some sleek machines but the latest addition to his collection is the luxury Porsche Cayenne, which he bought to celebrate his success in the music industry. This particular model is a coupe version of the Cayenne SUV and does not come cheap either. He also owns the famous Range Rover Sport.

Akothee- Ferrari Spider among others
Madam Boss, Akothee lives in a classy and flashy life. As feisty as she is, Akothee owns the top of the range cars as well as a beautiful mansion. She is the owner of Akothee Safaris and her top of the range exquisite garages boast of; Mercedes Benz SLS McLaren, Range Rover Sports, Toyota Landcruiser, Ferrari Spider among others.

Ringtone- Range Rover Evogue, Mercedes C-class and more
The self-proclaimed Chairman of Gospel artistes in Kenya Alex Apoko describes himself as the richest musician in Kenya who owns a house in the leafy suburbs of Karen and another in Round. His garage boasts of a Range Rover Sport SVR 2019, Toyota Landcruiser VX, Mercedes C-class, and more.