Bahati and Willy Paul

Well, if you’re a keen follower of the Kenyan music industry, especially gospel, then you probably know that there’s been some long term feud between gospel musicians Bahati and Willy Paul. And now, things are headed down south.

Almost a week after Willy Paul released his collabo with Size 8, there has been much talk about the ‘un-gospelness’ of the song ‘Tiga wana’. Popular blogger Cyprian Nyakundi bashed the two and Size 8’s husband. DJ Mo.


Bahati too has jumped into the bandwagon and taken to his instagram account to condemn his fellow gospel artistes. In a long instagram post (Click here to see it), the Barua singer posted photos of Nyashinsky, Collo and Sauti Sol, captioning that those are the names he expected in the next groove awards.

“Our Focus has been making Hit songs, Scandals & Headlines and we are not Proud of Our Lord God & Savior JESUS CHRIST,” he wrote.

Bahati said that he personally feels that the last gospel song he did was Barua. What raised eyebrows however was the timeliness of the post and the fact that he deleted every other post he had made before.

This however did not go well with some artistes. Former gospel group MOG’s Boss said it was not okay to judge the whole music industry by using one song, whereas there are many musicians working as required.

“I call upon those whom in their spirit feel like they’ve not been singing  honest gospel songs to either withdraw or go back to the source (Jesus) to get advice on the way forward,” he wrote (click here to read the whole post).

Groove Male artiste of the year 2016 was also not okay with Bahati’s post and he replied to Boss saying, “NONSENSE No one appointed @bahatikenya as the spokesman for the gospel industry. He should deal with his issues rather than drag the entire ministry into the mud”.

Well, more pop-corns as we wait for what’s unraveling. Popcorn please!