I usually get called upon by the good people at The Insyder magazine to contribute content. Content, I assume, young readers enjoy reading. I’m often instructed to share new revelations on TV entertainment. So this week I decided to share something on what is becoming the most downloaded (illegally of course) TV series, Narcos.


The drama depicts the 1980s Medellin cocaine cartel run by Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) and the efforts of DEA agents Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) to capture Escobar.


But behind the ‘glamour’ and the dramatic plot line lies a disturbing reality about drug smuggling, and the use of pregnant drug smugglers.

First of all, who was Pablo Escobar?

-Pablo Escobar helped found the Medellin Cartel, supplying and smuggling drugs around south America, the US, Canada and Europe.
– According to John Jairo Velasquez, Escobar’s ‘top hit man’, the drug lord killed around 300 people as well as allegedly masterminding the death of 3,000 other people.
– As in Narcos, Escobar had an affair with a TV anchorwoman named Virginia Vallejo. She later wrote a memoir about her romance named Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar.
– He was a man of opulent wealth, owning a mansion named Hacienda Napoles (which even had a zoo). The house is now a theme park surrounded by luxury hotels.
– Escobar made an estimated $30 billion as the ‘King of Cocaine’ by the time of his death in 1993.
– Escobar’s end came following a search effort by the Search Bloc, coordinated by the US Joint Special Operations Command, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Colombian Police. He was killed by a gunshot to the ear before the Search Bloc posed alongside his dead body. The search for Escobar took over a year and costed hundreds of millions of dollars.
– Escobar’s wife and children lived in exile in Mozambique and Argentina. His son, Juan Pablo, later made a film about his journey making amends with Escobar’s victims.

-Smugglers prefer to use pregnant women as mules since rules against x-raying expectant mothers mean that they are spared the rigorous searches used in airports.

-On top of this, drugs have reportedly been smuggled in the bodies of dead babies as they are carried through airport security. Truly horrific.

Why Did Pablo Escobar Get So Much Power?

Narcos Poster

He used money to corrupt. He corrupted the judges, police, politicians and everyday folk. According to Escobar, everyone had a price. And he had the money. Go figure.

When Will Kenya’s Pablo Escobar Rise?

Our love for money as a country makes it really simple for someone like Escobar to rise. Our politicians have no values. Our police are underpaid and largely compromised. And we as a nation would do virtually anything to make an extra shilling. It’s actually surprising why drug cartels haven’t yet taken over the country.

Should You Watch The Series?

Narcos by teenie-kijana

By all means, please do. I know I can’t stop you from downloading it (illegally, I know) or getting it from your local Entertainment Centre. As you watch it, look out for the eerie similarities between Columbia and Kenya.

Marcus Itimu Esq.