So it’s not ending soon, the beef I mean. When you fire shots at Khali, expect him to hit back, twice as stronger. Since his appearance on TV, there arose bleaching allegations on social media against him from fans and fellow rappers. He retorted back saying

the rappers should stop yapping and wait as he teaches them a lesson. Then Octo posted a GIF (of him doing a Michael Jackson beside Michael Jackson’s drawing on a wall) on his gram followed by a long post aimed at the Khali.

Who is Khali? Khali is the OG and he never takes such attacks lying down. Remember how he responded during the “Who Is King?” storo? Well, he did it again. He did a track that’s purely out of all this talk, called it ‘Mask Off/ Toa Tint’ with some mad lyrics aimed at the haters. And to promote the song, Khali reposted Octo’s earlier post suggesting that Octo was taking on the #OndoaTintDanceChallenge that Khali has told his fans to do. Then in a separate post he said “Toa Tint Dance Challenge, that was Started yesterday by my Fans in Kibera even before the song dropped, thanks Fam..”. Well, so Octo is Khali’s fan, since he began all this and he reps Namba Nane.

At some point in his new song, Khali even disses Octo in a line that suggests the latter is out of fashion, “Halafu nyi marappers msicheze cheze na mimi, ntawachapa vibaya sana…… Sana Sana wewe mwenye umeisha fashion wewe unajijua, hutajwi leo…”.

Who responds next? Let’s wait. I told you it’s gonna be ???. Listen to the song below.