What a time to be alive! The king of Kenyan rap, The OG aka Mr Omollo aka Papa Jones aka Khaligraph Jones just dropped Khali Cartel 3 and the internet has exploded with reactions! In just 24 hours the video has already hit over 300,000 views on Youtube. Twitter is on fire and our brothers on Facebook can’t even handle it. The OG just dropped a bomb and everybody had to shut up and pay respect to the OG. The ten minute cypher brought together some of Kenya’s elite, Bey T, Silverstone Barz, Breeder LW, Rekles and the legendary Chiwawa. Here is a breakdown of the IQRU’s thoughts on how each of them performed on their barz:

5. Breeder LW

Many didnt expect him to be on this but he surprised us by making the cut into this team of great rappers. Even though he brought the spit, he still struggled to catch the rhyme and keep up with the pace that Bey T had set up. He brought in a Swahili rap that we have to give him a thumbs for, repping the 254 with realness and authenticity. His killer bar would probably be:

“nabii hawezi pendwa mahali anatoka na hiyo ni mistake 

si walifunga mlango so tunaknock doors off the hinges 

na nina ugonjwa haina tiba na hiyo ugonjwa inaitwa realness

4. Chiwawa

The veteran rapper made a surprise appearance at the end of the cypher, with the all the new rappers gracing him with the respect that he deserved. His entrance into the Cypher could tell it all, how high he was still considered in the game. However it seems time has caught up with the once elite rapper and his verse wasnt just his best. But at this time we have to say, it was one of the best things done by a veteran, coming in to guide and support the upcoming acts. His best bar in the cypher was:

“ndio me ujam nikicheki matapeli mapocha
wanataka kuninyonya maskini nirudu ocha
lakinifans wananidai ndo siezi afford kudie”

3. Bey T

The femcee definitely killed this one! The ‘Wololo’ hit maker brought the drip and the spit to this cypher, declaring her dominance by being the opening act for the much anticipated cypher. She showed just how good she is on the mic, she was the pace setter. Her bars were fire that Khaligraph had to remind us that “Bey T you the future, when they acting like they aint know.” Her best bar:

“and i gotta lot tosay they can’t stop with a muzzle
watch when people hear music they dig it like a shovel

Mama said just let it be and pu the focus on the hustle
Men am rising from the dirt, ten toes on a gun
Real music knows no language, ima do it with my son”

2. Silverstone Barz

No contention here, y’all have to agree that she’s the baddest right now. Even though she’s still underground, she’s got the potential to become the top femcees in Kenya. The likes of Femi One and Fena Gitu need to watch out before she comes out guns blazing. Her rap game is a fusion of Nicki and Cardi put together on the same stage! She became the highlight femcee of the cypher immediately she spit her first bar. The game deserves her, she shouldnt be underground anymore. Her best bar on the cypher:

“never trippin’for a cheque if they tripping get em checked
you can find me on a map dont know where yall at
i ain’t talking about shopping i’m taking all the bag”

  1. Rekles

You must love this guy man! That goes without saying! He is the baddest upcoming act right now. His flexibility on the mic is just magical. Whenever he hits the booth just know he is bringing some heat with him. Apart from doing some great Gengetone hooks for Ethic, he just proved to the world that he can also rap. His lyrics were curated and inspired by the culture, a true definition of a hip hop act. He does it for the culture, and brings the hood with him. All he delivers is a reflection of the ghetto, of his life and the people who are true to the game would understand this.

“meditation kejani kahakuna cheque wee nani
hii pande si hatuna kitu si huishi daily na imani
lullaby huku mtaa hukua sauti ya risasi”