Ty Dolla Sign is expected to perform in Kenya on 2nd December. All thanks to Jameson. This is an opportunity for our top rapper Khaligraph Jones to make a move. What would their collabo be like?

Khaligraph Jones is known for his quick rapping. He can play with words and still give an awesome beat. When Ty Dolla Sign flys in, it is a chance for Khaligraph Jones to network with the American rapper.

Khaligraph Jones still has a lot of potential
Khaligraph Jones holding the Kenyan flag

One might wonder why I am rooting for Khaligraph Jones and Ty Dolla Sign. Khaligraph has always been very selective on international collaborations. When he said that he would shake things up in the industry, this would be one way of proving it.

Ty Dolla Sign is open to collaborating with African artists. One of them being Wizkid. This would mean that Khaligraph Jones can give it consideration. I am imagining how dope their jam would be. However, with an international artist, comes a hefty price.

Ty Dolla Sign shows he's ready to work with African artists
Ty Dolla Sign and Wizkid collabo

Khaligraph’s career would definitely skyrocket after that. Therefore the question is, is Khaligraph Jones ready?

Kenyan music lovers are ready for Ty Dolla Sign. The response on social has been nothing but impressive. Do you want a Khali and Ty Dolla Sign collab?