It has been an amazing season for the Kardashians as they have been seen welcoming bundles of joy into the family.Having Kylie and Kim’s babies finally here everyone has been awaiting for Khloe’s big announcement.And yaas!Here’s the exciting news…’s a baby girl.Seems it’s a girls’ spree for the family.This comes after Kylie celebrated one month of being with baby Stormi and we just can’t get enough of them.

Khloe further revealed that’s she’s really juggling about the choice of name for her baby,but as she had previously hinted she’ll probably stick to a K or a T.Could this be as a result of their names?That is Khloe and Tristan?

Khloe’s tweet after revealing it’s a baby girl
  • This takes us turbo fast down memory lane to when Khloe broke the news to Tristan that she was expectant.However this was news that had been held captive at first but Kourtney her younger sibling had tried to raise an alarm by being concerned about Khloe’s sudden weight gain.
When Khloe admitted to her fans that she was expectant.

It’s surely a joyful season for the family and we all can’t wait to have the baby here.We wish them love,joy,peace and abundance as they await their source of happiness.All the best Khloe and Tristan!!