Seems the dust hasn’t settled yet between Governor and Senator of Nairobi County.

After the drama ..more drama !

Governor Evans Kidero now claims that Senator Mike Sonko was drunk during the brawl they had on the 15th of June.

Speaking at the Kibra Seventh Day Adventist church,Kidero also blamed the Senate for letting drunk and unruly members into the committee meetings.

He was being questioned by the Senate Public Accounts Committee over an audit report when Sonko started questioning Kidero leading to a serious disagreement.

Here are the governor’s remarks on the issue :

“People who are educated are civilized. There is a huge difference between being educated and being learned. There are people who claim to have gone to school but they do not have certificates to prove this,” said Kidero, adding that, “What transpired at the Senate was not something to be proud of. That is not the kind of leadership Nairobi residents want.”

Senator Sonko didn’t leave it at that , he responded to Kidero’s view.

“My friend is alleging that I was drunk from the way I was articulating issues earlier. Do I look like a drunken person in that video?” he posed, adding that on the question of academic credentials, Nairobians should not re-elect Kidero because he has a PhD.

“I urge Nairobi residents not to elect leaders because of the fluent English they speak, do not elect leaders because of the PhDs they hold. Some PhDs are used to fleece and loot institutions,” Sonko retorted.

He also added this to his response.

“Whenever I raise issues pertaining to corruption at City Hall, some people change the story that I am playing politics because of the governorship race. I have sufficient documentary and video evidence to prove my allegations,” said the Senator, adding that, “I am ready to adduce the evidence I have before any court of law. Let us not misuse our PhDs to milk public coffers.”

Senator Mike Sonko said that the county is going in the wrong direction due to some individuals at City Hall who devour . Also land grabbing and fake payments which amount to billions of shillings.