Don’t you just hate it when parents start telling stories of how much fun they had while kids? The number of times my parents tell me such stories are uncountable, and annoying in equal measure. Well, I also love annoying my younger siblings. Just like our parents insist there’s so little we know, likewise, #KidsOfTodayWillNeverKnow these 5 things…

1.#KIDSOFTODAYWILLNEVERKNOW how bad we got bruised learning to ride a bike by ourselves. We didn’t have Dettol Mums, so we never got to be held by our parents; we went out of our way and persevered through the bruises and falls.


2. #KIDSOFTODAYWILLNEVERKNOW we never got the privilege of having smartphones or iPads, we actually never got interested in having any of those things. We communicated through notes. Very well written ones, might I add.passnotes

3.#KIDSOFTODAYWILLNEVERKNOW that we never had the privilege of having an x-box 360, PlayStation 1,2,3,4 or a portable PlayStation. We chilled and waited in turns to play with the glorious Brick Game the joy of owning a brick game was like owning a Phunkee Duck The Celeb Glider (FYI it’s that scooter that every celebrity is gliding on).cas2

4.#KIDSOFTODAYWILLNEVERKNOW the struggle of rewinding a cassette tape manually. The joy of having to stick a pen into the cassette winding slot until we “rewound” the entire tape. Nowadays kids just enjoy streaming movies instantly. During our days, we had to set a date for a simple movie and had to fill up a hall for the movie to proceedcas1

5.#KIDSOFTODAYWILLNEVERKNOW that cartoons meant the world to us. Power Puff Girls, Ed,Edd and Eddy, Flintstones, Spongebob, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Simpsons, Rugrats… the list is endless we can name the cartoons all day and night.cartoon 2I wish these kids knew how much fun we had, at least we weren’t anti-social like kids of today

By: NaNa