Beautiful Mayonde surely has her eyes set on being one of the finest female acts we have in Africa. And she is definitely on the right path. Mayonde performed last weekend at the Kigali Jazz Junction where was the Headlining Act.

The event which is held at Kigali Serena Hotel was the second edition of Season three of the monthly jazz gathering.

Mayonde known for such hits such as Kama kawaida, Rise, Angels, Find Us A Way, Nairobi, and Isikuti love. She is the second Kenyan musician to perform at the Kigali Jazz Junction. In February, the event was headlined by Kenyan saxophonist Christine Kamau.

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Although she has performed in Kigali before, it was at much smaller gigs and this was her biggest stage so far.

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We got a few comments from Mayonde about how the event was for her

Kigali was amazing, probably the best show i have had so far, it was the first time I was headlining a show and being brought in as an International Act which was a dream come true. i want to perform all over the world. it felt good for people to put their money and their faith in me to headline the show and i was and still am so grateful for the show. They had be at the Kigali Serena which is such a beautiful hotel and they were treating me like royalty, so i am extremely grateful for the Kigali Jazz Junction. The other performances were also so great, Patrick Nyamitari is extremely talented and the Neptunez band set was so great as well.
The crowd was great, they were dancing with me, singing with me, cheering me on and it felt so good to be received and accepted by them. i had so much time on stage and i trust it will be the first of many events to come, Kigali is beautiful, jazzy, soulful and classy and that is what this event was, the lighting, the sound, the beautiful people dressed up and glamorous. This trip just enthused my passion for my music and i am ready to hit the ground running and to continue to share my music with the world

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Congratulations to the beauty for reppin’ Kenya to the fullest, watch her latest hit Nairobi below