Finally, the collabo of the year is here. Jaguar is going nowhere in this new music video he has dropped today featuring Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. We’ve got the scoop and here are the details of the new music video

The video is shot at Parliament media center. It starts with Jaguar saying kuja tucheze to an annoyed Babu Owino. It is unclear whether Babu wants to tialala Jaguar because minutes after they start playing, they throw fists at each other. The lighting seems on point and the audience is drawn in by the heaving of the two artists, Jaguar and Babu.

The video gets more interesting as Parliamentary staff centimetre towards the two and the music almost comes to a stop. Hol’ hol’ up though. Let’s take it slow for a minute. Babu Owino still maintains his composure and goes to greet the journalists outchea.

Jaguar had promised to keep his music game on point when he joined politics. We are speculating this is his new release. Babu Owino also has gotten his ndoto of starring in a music video. Word on the street is the song is titled, Nikipenya pale parliament wananigeukia.  

Kiss TV might drop the video first or perhaps MTV Base Africa. We can’t wait!

You can watch the teaser trailer of the song here in the meantime before full release.