Heels are one of a lady’s most important asset in her closet. Heels mash up a girl’s look making it perfect as long as you know how to wear them just right. Here are a few tips on getting that perfect look we’re all looking for.

Heels look amazing when worn with a dress. Heels are assumed to accentuate the ass especially in a dress. For short girls,pointed or wedge heels are best accompanied in short dresses either skater or body-con. On the other hand, tall girls should wear longer dresses with their heels mostly pointed to avoid showing too much skin that would make them actually look taller.

Heels when paired with the right pants come out great. Heels when worn with a pantsuit make the official look look even more official. Boot heels work best with skinny jeans while wedged heels worn with ankle jeans are the bomb. Heels with jumpsuits bring the whole look together introducing something different to the rest of the outfit.


Skirts worn with heels coordinate the look especially when the top worn with the skirt matches the shoes. However, for the pattern to match it is recommended to have the matching shoes and top with block colors and the skirt should be brighter to still draw attention to the outfit.