What we have here is a departure from Western influenced beats and rhymes, and instead we get a throwback to Kapuka; way back…

Kibbz‘Kimbiza’ which is Swahili for chase, is a rare commodity in the music industry as it has most elements that music lovers look for; it is easy to sing along to, the beats are local (and pretty good at that), it has memorable punchlines, (that ‘the reason dame yako aliacha kuku-inbox’ will be hot on teeniez’ tongues if this song blows up), and it is generally a feel good track.

Props to all 3 rappers for coming out strong with their lines, but special shoutout to Riccobeatz; on top of producing the track, he came out with the strongest verse. Well in, sir.

With nearly 1,000 Youtube views, I predict that it will blow up in the near future. Quote me when it does.

But generally, respect to three young dudes for making a potential club banger; my rating is 8 out of 10.

Listen to the song here:

By: Doug L Fresh

Writer and Poet; has an unhealthy obsession with Outkast