Kim Kardashian’s adorable daughter, North West, is apparently terrified of Snapchat.

In a new video the 35-year-old reality star shared to Snapchat on Thursday,her 2-year-old daughter, who is just off screen, can be heard telling her mom she’s “scared” of the popular app.

According to Kim, the fear stems from the social media platform’s many filter effects, which some users implement to turn their video-selfies into unique, often creepy experiences.

Despite North’s fear of Snapchat, Kim still took a bunch of pics with her little girl, including one where North looks absolutely terrified.

To her credit, Kim used the post to advocate against Snapchat’s sometimes scary filters, writing “No Filters.” She also drew “Not a snap fan” on the pic, with an arrow pointing to North’s horror-stricken face.

Kim, who joined Snapchat on Tuesday, also shared a photo of North and her 3-month-old son Saint, neither of whom are really visible in the image, sitting in her lap. Kim captioned the pic, “Mom Life,” and also drew the words “I need” with an arrow pointing to a cocktail emoji.