kimsKim Kardashian’s had her hair cut everybody! Whhhoooooo!

Kim Kardashian has taken off her hat, ladies and gentleman, so we can all enjoy her very, very, VERY blonde new do. The ‘blondest’ person on earth has finally admitted she is who she is. The fact that she made the bravest thing to dye her hair not highlight but totally went platinum. She took her new look to instagram thanking her stylists for the incredible job they did on her.

What next from this socialite,she keeps pulling up crazy stunts every time. Kim who has total support from a very ‘optimistic world’ who really appreciates her new look. People have done comparison of her every TV character that has a blonde head from Harry Porter, Twilight and even Frozen. It is sad how the world would embrace you in the most negative way ever. Thank you Kim for giving the world a reason to doubt your esteem.

Here’s the top comparisons, in no particular order.

There you go! Kims’s new look.

Article by Janiana

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