Like a monarch reigning over his kingdom, Kaka Sungura delivered an electrifying speech to his subjects; and like all other times, he WILL be heard.
the king kaka
Photo courtesy of @muzikiyamtaa on instagram

Mr. Swahili Shakespeare released his 4th album titled ‘Legend of Kaka‘ at the Louis Leakey Auditorium, Museum Hill on Friday night. By raising the standard yet again, through his electrifying medley of performances, he grabbed the title of ‘king’ from any pretender to the throne. By teaming up with some of Kenya’s heaviest hip hop hitters, he threw down the gauntlet and challenged any takers for the coveted crown.

With a packed auditorium of over 400 in attendance, the VIP celebrity guest list consisted of an all-star ensemble including Nameless, Habana, Kenzo Matata, Mama Baha, MC Njugush, Obina, Celina (Mother-in-law), Ameelina and Calvo Mistari.

In similar legendary fashion, his performance killed it! But even legends need assistance too. And who better to assist a legend than other legends in their own rights? MC’s Kristoff, Bahati, Rich Mavoko from Bongo, Khaligraph, Abbas Kubaff, Chiwawa, and Shikow Femi One (who BTW absolutely killed it, to the adoration of the crowd) were on hand to deliver a regal performance. Then there were the spectacular collabo performances with Amos and Josh (remember those ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl’ looking guys?) as well as the lovely Avril. I need not mention that her black & white Chiffon dress had people talking for all the right reasons. The presence of her South African fiancé only served to generate a larger buzz.

rabbit and avril 2

rabbit and wyre

rabbit and khaligraph throwing it down

Rabbit and bahatiNot only were these performances a great showing for King Kaka, but they served to squash any rumored beef between Khaligraph and Abbas Kubaff.

abbas and khaligraph

Dobeez later retorted to this same claim, made via our Twitter handle, by saying, “wacheni vako kwani mumekosa story?”

Abbas Tweef with Insyder

That said, the chemistry between the two was almost perfect and one couldn’t help but equate them to Kenya’s Kanye and Jay Z. Will we be receiving a ‘Watch the Throne’ from the two? Let’s wait and see.

Cheers to the best event of the month, let alone the weekend. (ahem, Davido. A-H-E-M.)

Hail King Rabbit for your effort; your hard work seems to be paying off. We appreciate your consistency in excellence.

Go out and get the album guys! Watch out for our review of it as well.

Have a great week!