Ya’ll remember the “Who Is King” competition that was meant to identify the illest rapper in the industry right? Well, now King Kaka is fed up with this competition Juliani started sometime last year.kaka Juliani-Photos

Kaka admits that Juliani was his inspiration when it came to rapping, but he can’t handle Juliani dragging his name in a competition that he doesn’t want to be part off. He claims that Juliani has been creating unnecessary tension using his name to hype his “Who Is King” concert. So earlier this morning he takes to post the following…….king kaka

King Kaka continues to say that he can’t force issues to attend the concert when he’s already been booked for another gig. Regardless he says he’ll buy a ticket and promote the concert for free. But who’s to say that maybe King Kaka is just chickening out.

By: Joan Rangara

   Source: Niaje