Hip Hop head King Kaka has hit out at fake artistes who are exposing flashy lifestyles while in real life they are going through hell.This is in a song that’s a remix of Dogo Richie’s Muziki Majanga where the latter had bashed coastal musicians.

King Kaka tears into artistes who pretend to be gospel artistes yet after shows they take groupies with them, artistes who flaunt wealth yet stay at their women’s houses, presenters who ask for money before playing artiste’s songs and even those ones that spend their days visiting witch-doctors.

“Msanii D, anabuy Youtube Views,…… Msanii F, anaandika barua vile aone rais, awache kutupima yee hushinda na rais…” go some of the lines in the song that are clearly aimed at Khaligraph and Jaguar.

The song has just been released and is likely to cause an uproar, just like “Tuliza Nyavu” with Susumila did. Listen to it here.