In an instagram post, Rabbit told the world how he was robbed off his laptop, phone and watch at a petrol station in Madaraka. The hold-up took place right before the Kaka Legendary tour took off at Zetech University. They were chilling with kaka empire’s Raj at the petrol station when the three unmasked burglars walked in. One immediately went for him and pointing a gun to his face, told him he would shoot him before taking his laptop.

He is unavailable for comment at the moment but I spoke to his manager, Dennis, who says Rabbit is okay and will still continue with his tour. On the oddness of the robbers pin pointing him, I ask him what the chances are of it being an inside job.

“No. There are no chances of that. He was the only one with a laptop on the table so it was obvious they would notice him first. It is just a normal robbery that could happen to anyone,” he said on an interview via phone.

I still think it a little queer though that those robbers would just happen to randomly decide to rob a hotel that rabbit was in and go straight for him. I mean, what are the odds?

He says that the laptop contained a couple of unfinished projects but nothing sensitive like unreleased songs or the like which cancels the possibility of someone leaking unreleased songs. This has been known to happen in the States. It is not such a farfetched motive when you think about it. King Kaka is an amazing song writer. Anyone getting looking to get ideas for songs would definitely find lots of stuff on his laptop. The fact that they did not hurt him points to the same motive. It is only pure speculation, though. Speculate is all we can do until the police conclude their investigations (if they ever will).

In the mean time, we feel for King Kaka and are glad he is safe. Hip hop would lack a very key element if things would have gone otherwise on that fateful evening.