Diamond Platinumz was in Kenya for Koroga Festival and Kenyans had a chance to hear the Tanzanian crooner say more about his music, life and much more on Larry Madowo’s ‘The Trend’.  He’s arguably the most successful artiste in East Africaand one that very many people look up to him, not just the fans but also other artistes. In the interview, held at The University of Nairobi, Diamond opened up about his lifestyle, his musical journey and with no drama, he touched many that days after the interview, people are still talking about it. Comparing the interview to many that Larry has held with Kenyan artistes before (not just Larry but other hosts as well), one cannot miss but see the sharp contrast between Diamond and the artistes. What’s this difference? Why does he capture our attention without any drama?

  1. Diamond puts the fans first, he is ‘the fans’.

When speaking about the expected koroga festival, he put it that the festival was being watched all over the world and he was there to make East Africa proud, so that the world would know that East Africa has great artistes too. He wasn’t selfish, he always seeks to belong. “Nikiwa kama mwanaAfrika Mashariki, mtoto kutoka East Africa nitahakikisha nifanye show nzuri ambayo italeta sifa na heshima katika East Afrika, ili waone kama wasanii wa East Afrika ni wakali sana” (Being from East Africa, and East Africa’s son, I will ensure that I give a great show that will bring respect to us the world over sees that East Africa too has some great artistes). Larry asked Diamond about his gradual transition from just an artiste to an entrepreneur. His point? He didn’t praise his enterpreneural mind or floss about how he has done what’s been impossible to many, but he gave credit to the people, and made it clear that he was only a tool used by people. “Support nayopewa na watu ndio imefanya nifike hapa. WCB sio ya Diamond, ni ya vijana ambao wanataka kufika katika malengo na maendeleo,” (I’m where I am because of the support I’m receiving from people. WCB isn’t Diamond’s, it’s for the youth who want to achieve their goals and develop).

2. He tells fans what they can confirm to be true.

It’s very common for artistes to say no to what has been in the social media, or even avoid answering some questions saying they’re ‘personal’. But Diamond did it differently. When asked about his family, he opened up. Was he a ‘fisi’ before getting married, he said he was and it’s something fans can confirm. Will he like his son and daughter be artistes? The son, yes. The daughter, no. Why? “Watamla sana”. Such questions are so hard to answer as an artiste and that’s where you find an artiste lying that yes, if the daughter wanna be an artiste, let her be! But Diamond said what any man feels, but is afraid of saying.

3. He doesn’t intimidate the host by playing the big boy.

In his position, with all his wealth and swag, we would expect Diamond to play the ‘OG’ like our artistes do. We saw what happened between Antoneo Soul and Khali. We saw what Prezzo did when asked about his relationships. He went ahead and asked for the hosts phone, called ‘999’ and when it didn’t work, he said it was one of the important things people should focus on and not ‘who popped whose cherry’.

4. He does what the fans want.

At the beginning of the interview, Larry told him to say ‘Tibim’. He didn’t just rush to say ‘Tibim’ but asked what that meant before saying it.Later at one point, the fans asked him to take off his shades. He did just that, showing how down to earth he is.

5. He lowers himself to the level of the fans.

Diamond spoke of having social media life and having a real life. he spoke of eating Mrenda and of course using a motorbike while going to the airport. Is it so common for our artistes to reveal that at one point or the other they also do what a common Mwananchi does?

6. Doesn’t talk ill of his foe.

Diamond and Ali Kiba don’t see eye to eye. But when asked about his rivalry with the other crooner Diamond said he was happy that both of them were representing their country well and hoped they’ll continue doing good music. Trust a local artiste to tarnish the other’s name and do such.

7. He challengesn the audience.

Well, when you have an audience full of youngins, people who wanna go out and have fun and scream YOLO, what do you tell them? You tell them that they only have one life to live and they should do it to the fullest and enjoy as they scream, right? Wrong. Diamond challenged the students to be creative, after getting their academic papaers. he put it clear to them that he only studies up to form four, but made it this far because of his creativity. Then challenged them that despite academic achievements, without creativity you will be surpassed by less academically successful people with great creativity.


There are many things that our artistes can learn from Diamond’s interview. The list is very long and we give you a chance to tell us some of those in the comment section below. Meanwhile, let’s watch Larry Madowo’s interview with Diamond Platinumz, and Larry Madowo’s interview with Prezzo Below. Then compare.