Kenyan celebrated TV anchor Swaleh Mdoe is selling one of his kidneys to sort some serious financial problems.

Speaking to Pulse exclusively yesterday, the famed ‘babu yangu’ Citizen TV Swahili news host said he is looking for a buyer for his kidney adding that he would even be placing a newspaper advert if that is what it takes to get a worthy client.

He said, “I have decided to sell one of my kidneys after consulting my doctor on the matter. I have some pressing financial issues that I want to offset and all I can think of right now is selling my kidney. Feel free to share my mobile phone number (0722733130). I need to do this urgently,” he added.

When Pulse asked him why he would take such a direction instead of solving the financial issues by other means, Swaleh said: “I don’t really want to bother people. I don’t. I can live with one kidney.”

Source: SDE

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