KRG THE DON graced the Funkie Friday set with grooving style. Fresh style accompanied by a flashy ride ensured he stole the show at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology.

KRG THE DON, a 28 year old musician who operates businesses all around the country apart from his music career. He is said to be amongst the richest musicians in Kenya. KRG claims that he loves his music but it does not get him all the money he has. KRG states that his passion for music started when he was in high school in Uganda. The passion fully developed after high school. He developed the Dancehall style so as to be unique from other artists and because it is the genre he is comfortable with.

KRG THE DON claims that he does not have any beef with other artists in the Kenyan industry. The scuffle they had with Redsan some time back. KRG claims that he and Redsan sat down and sorted the issue like men. Aside from beef matters, KRG says he is willing to work with any Kenyan artist as he has worked with big names such as Arrowboy. He says he believes in young talent and would not mind bringing up any young talent into the industry.


KRG THE DON, states his genre is Dancehall for life and would not change as it is the ‘baddest tune’ in the industry right now. He says Kenyans should brace themselves for more great jams as he performed his tune” Mr International’.