The KSSSA Term ‘2B’  National Ball Games are already in their third day.

Lake Region is the host of the national Term Two ‘B’ games in Kisumu which started on August 2nd and will end on August 7.
IMG-20160803-WA0008 IMG-20160803-WA0009



The highlights of day 1 is when Barding High made an amazing debut by beating Friends School Bukembe (Nzoia Region) 2-0 in the Pool A opening match played on August 2.

IMG-20160804-WA0002 (1)

Day 2 and 3 of the games saw a number of the teams try their best to beat the heavyweight schools; St John, Nginda and Nyakach

See some of the results from the various ball games

Soccer Girls
Nginda 2 Nyakach 2
Kirigara 1 Olulympic 4
Sindo 0 Itigo 1
Wiyeta 2 St. John’s 0

Volleyball Girls
Kosirai 3 Furaha 0
St. John’s 0 Soweto 3
Gankanga 0 Lugulu 3
Tetu 0 Sega 3

We will keep updating the results as they come in, keep it locked!