Day three of the National KSSSA ball games started with tension as 15s rugby
East African title holders Kach locked horns Laiser at Nairobi School.

Kach however fell short and finished second in Pool B after losing 10-8 to Laiser.

Uppah completed their preliminary matches with a perfect record after they beat

St Mary’s Yala 28-0 in their final Pool A match.
The Nairobi Region champions are looking to avenge last year’s loss.

In basketball, champions Uppah met with Nyeri Baptist while Laiser Hill was up against Kisumu Boys for a place in Saturday’s final.

Uppah topped Pool A with a 100 percent record after they hit Kangaru Boys 79-34 in their last match.

Two-time champions Nyeri Baptist sealed their place in the last four courtesy of a 57-50 win over Chavakali Boys in their last preliminary match Thursday.

Check out results of the games below and possible games, including those we will stream live in The Insyder Magazine Facebook page.

Rugby 15s Pool A

1. Uppah 116

2. St. Mary’s Yala 70

Pool B

1. Laiser Hill 103

2. Katch 84

{Semi-final 1, Uppah Vs Katch **livestream**,

Semi-final 2, Laiser Hill Vs St. Mary’s Yala} (10 am both)

Predicted Final, Uppah Vs, Laiser Hill**Livestream** (10 am)

Hockey Boys.

Pool A.

1. Dr. Ribiero

2. Kisumu boys

Pool B.

1. St. Anthony

2. Uppah

{Semi final 1, Dr. Ribiero Vs Uppah

Semi-final 2, St. Anthony Vs Kisumu Boys}

Hockey Girls.

Pool A.

1. Sinyolo Girls

2. Moi Girls

Pool B.

1. St. Josephs kitale

2. St. Cecilia Misikhu.

{Semi-final 1, Sinyolo Vs Misikhu,

Semi-final 2, St. Josephs Kitale Vs Moi Girls

BasketBall Girls

Pool A.

1. St. Bridgids

2. Buruburu

Pool B

1. Kaya Tiwi

2. Tigoi

{Semi-final 1, St. Bridgids Vs Tigoi

Semi-final 2, Kaya Tiwi Vs BuruBuru **Livestream** (9 am both)

Probable Finale, Kaya Tiwi Vs St. Bridgids (8 am Friday)

BasketBall Boys.

Pool A.

1. Uppah

2. Kisumu Boys

Pool B.

1. Laiser Hill

2. Nyeri Baptist

{Semi-final 1, Uppah Vs Nyeri Baptist

Semi-final 2, Laiser Hill Vs Kisumu Boys} (10:30 both)

Probable Final, Uppah Vs Laiser Hill **Livestream** (11:30)