Kush Tracey has made an epic comeback by droppping mtajua hamjui. You thought she was gone? Mtajua hamjui!

I bet her fans had missed her a lot considering her ex Timmy Tdat has been doing the most in the entertainment industry. From music to joining a new radio station in town. We wondered what happened to Tracey.

Produced by Big Dreams Studios, this jam is definitely a boss lady themed video  that is seemingly the best come back. Something that would be sang to haters to notify them to try harder next time.

We love the visuals given to the jam . Tracey is looking like a snack in her boss lady glasses making boss lady moves  blowing cash here and there . Not so many characters as her usual videos . We guess this message was personal and had to be personally demonstrated by herself! This new jam mtajua hamjui is a good hip-hop rendition.


She flosses with liquid cash and even some lines make it more emphatic. In the jam she tries to prove her point that she is still the queen of the streets. Honestly after her ex showing that he has moved on and not just mild moving on but big treads.

Seems like Kush stuck to her words after breaking up with Timmy.  She said she was moving on swiftly and the break up was not a publicity stunt but he loved him and now after the break he doesn’t miss him but ready to work with him in the near future.

Boss mama’s new video is a hit and we should now wait and see the couple moving on swiftly making such moves is a good way of showing who was there and still going to be there.

By Obigwa Brian