lax vera

I thought thirsty guys are only in the 254 I mean the president of team mafisi is in the 254 and I’m not going to mention any names plus if you have followed the trending scandals you know why I’m saying that. It seems the president of team mafisi has dreams of going international and he started with one of his newest recruits from Nigeria. The Caro and Ginger hit maker joined the league of thirsty guys or maybe he was one of them it’s just that we didn’t know till he came for the night of luxury party at last weekend. The lady’s man who tried to chipo one of Kenya’s biggest news anchor thinking that she is Caro didn’t actually get what he wanted moved on to Vera Sidika during his show at Skylux. Lax just saw the bright future Vera has behind and he jump on it like any other member of the fisi government would, I know many guys would kill to jump on that so to all who still have that dream your dreams might be valid.

Photo courtesy of eye-con photography.

Story by Chuck.