Relationships have gotten a lot more complicated in the last few years. It’s not as simple as “Oh yeah, she’s my girlfriend.” If you’re unsure whether you’re actually in a relationship, I think that’s a pretty big hint. If you’re still confused, here are a couple of signs that might mean you might be a bit more single than you thought you were…

1.  You Don’t Go On Dates


Hanging out in his room, watching shit TV and ordering take-out can be the greatest thing ever. But when that’s literally all you guys do together? Go outside and be seen together!

2. You Haven’t Met Their Friends Or Family


It might take a while for you guys to be comfortable enough to let them meet your insane friends. Totally fine. So not fine when weeks have passed and you still haven’t met “the lads.” Worse still when he says stuff like, “the lads are dying to meet you!” and then when there’s a night out, off he goes and you’re left without an invitation. If he doesn’t wanna show you off, then good day. With the family, it’s a little trickier. It doesn’t count if they live in Australia. But if a good bit of time has gone by and there’s no mention of meeting his parents (even though he’s met yours) then he doesn’t see you as his GF unforch.

3. He doesn’t call you his girlfriend


“So are you guys together?” If this question is followed by an awkward silence, a jokey answer or a delayed response of “…eh, we’re hanging out!” then you guys aren’t in a relationship.

4. You Rarely, If Ever Make Plans For The Future


If you’re plans with each other don’t ever make it any further into the future than next week, you’re not really together are you? If the future is never mentioned in relation to you two, then take that as a sign that the person you’re involved with is not thinking about it.

5. You Don’t Sit Together At Lunch


Do they only seem to want to hang out with you when it suits them? In school they sit with their group of friends and never with you. It only seems like they want to hang out when it’s just the two of you; spot the commitment phobe!

6. You Don’t Go To Things Together


When you invite them somewhere they always seem to back out or can’t go, or else the invite is never extended to you from their side. Whatever the case, if you guys don’t have a social life together, they ain’t yo other half.

7. You Have No Photos Together

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No sign on social media that you two even know each other? Some people aren’t f*cking annoying and put up 700 photos a day, but if you’ve been in each others lives for months and there’s nada to show for it, it’s a bit weird.

8. You Never Call Each other


I remember when a guy I was “seeing” called me during the day, I nearly fell off my bed. I was like, that’s a boyfriend-y thing to do! And it is. If you guys are only Whatsapping away and you’ve never heard his voice on the phone, it hasn’t reached relationship territory yet.