Fashion is cyclical. You can look great even in the oldest of styles. Question is how you create your outfit, or re-invent the antique. For one to look like a fashinista, you MUST consider your body proportion. What works for you as a tall chiq, may not work for another if she is short. With your body type as well, consider your figure. For instance, pear shaped ladies you need to create the illusion of a balanced upper body, whereas apple shaped ladies your focus is on creation the illusion of a smaller waistline.

1. Maxi Skirts
Maxi SkirtLong skirts have grown in popularity and are seen as a casual style of dressing. Colour blocking with chiffon maxi skirts is cool. There is no harm in going bold! Maxi Skirts should be worn at the thinnest part of one’s waist or below the breast. Wear them with crop tops or body hugging tops. These should be accompanied with flat shoes or even boots i.e ankle boot for shorter ladies. Use a hat to accessorize or jewels to look much elegant.

2. Sweatpants Look
Sweat PantsWhether you’re running errands on a busy day or working out at the gym, sweatpants are a comfortable option. Sweatpats have been work the wrong way, thing is not to look like you just crawled out of bed and went onto the streets. Worn badly, they strip you off your style. Accessorize simply by not trying to fancy up your sweatpants with too much jewelry. Pair your sweatpants with a feminine but loose-fitting top. A simple leather bag and a couple of bracelets will do nicely if needed.

3. Cropped Stuff
Cropped StuffLately I’ve been obsessed with croped stuff!! I just think it’s a great way to combine sexy and class. Ladies don’t be afraid of the cropped tops. They are NOT only for the super skinny, so long as your kitambi does not fold on itself when you stand, it’s cool. Try it and go wild!! For once believe in yourself; after all your dressing is your choice. You can pair up your crop top with a high waist trouser or skirt. Remember not to over-do the crop, do not leave out to much skin.

4. Dresses
DressMaybe you find yourself looking good in dresses man! Everyone can look good in them. They have existed since our late granny’s days. Dresses make one look younger especially when one has detailed them. It’s the little things that can make all the difference! Put military buttons on your dresses and accessorize lightly, you’ll hear everyone telling you that you are young and you’ll be telling them “read between the lines”.

You want to feel no one can relate with your style? Then make it happen by doing dresses the right way. Our grannies did it and they looked good so will you. Everyone can look elegant, classy and fashionable in anything as long as you know how to make appropriate combinations like colour blocking, and the right accessories.

By Jamilla, a Professional Model