Hey ladies, this is for you. You met this guy, quite handsome, funny and fun to be with and seems quite romantic. You are falling in love. You haven’t but, the wait things are going, it’s just a matter of time before you fall deep in love. But before you do, what if, your choice is wrong? What if it isn’t what you think it is and at some point, things change. Is he mature? How do you know? Ama he’s just a big boy? Let’s see.

  1. A man has goals, a boy wants none of that.
    A man always has a target, or a goal he wants to achieve. In this relationship, he has set his sights in marriage, wants a family. Plus, he wants the right woman. A boy is basically in this for fun. He is sweet, talks dirty and loves being happy at the moment. But words like commitment, responsibility scare him away.
  2. A man looks for intelligence first, a boy goes for looks.
    Well, we all want hot women for spouses and wives. Everybody wants to be identified with the hot chicks around, but with time hotness fades, no? A man goes for an attractive woman, but her looks aren’t what attracts this man, it’s the intelligence. A real man goes for intelligence while a boy will go for looks. A boy wants to have a piece of the cake, as soon as possible and when a prettier lass shows up, you’ll be dropped like a hot potato. But someone who takes you for your intelligence and compassion, and because you are a go-getter who he feels can start and hold a successful family, that one there is a man!


 3. A man looks at the future, a boy at the present.
A boy wants to look good. Dress nice, be the talk of the town and have the flyest chics around. But look at a man. He isn’t obsessed about today, or tomorrow, or the present status. A real man cares less about the current situation and is working to improve his tomorrow. He wants to improve his income, wants to be financial stable, is investing and looking at how he’ll be able to provide for himself and the ones he loves.
A boy wants to look trendy, so that he can grab the attention of the ladies, drive the hottest car and brag.

 4. A man respects his lady, a boy is only interested in scoring.
When a real man meets a good woman, he recognizes her immediately. And to a real man, love is a process. So he will seek to know her more. He will dig up into what she loves, hates, which books she reads and what she believes in and all that. He will respect the woman. However, a boy will see a fine lady at once because of the looks, then he will embark on his biggest goal; scoring her. A boy has no interests on the girl, or her ambitions or what she does. He has no time to waste on such, he should hit it and move for another catch.

At the dinner table
At the dinner table

 5. A boy spoils a woman more than he invests in her.
Both guys can spend money on you, but trust me the boy will toss more coins at you. It’s because under these actions, the motives are different. The man will invest in you. Support you in your business, help you here and there, while a boy will always do what is always related to fun. Buy you booze, take you out, but never invest in any initiative you might be having. A man is like a farmer trying to feed his chicken, while the boy is like that guy who throws grains at a hen so that he can lure it to be caught and slaughtered, you see?

 6. A man says what’s needed, a boy says what’s wanted.
A man, like we said, is real. He says things as they are, is honest and does tell you facts. He keeps his promises and even if he knows what he’s going to say will hurt you, he’ll say it nevertheless for it’s the truth. A boy however will toy around with you mind. He’ll say what he thinks you want to hear. That’s one thing about the boy, he says what you want to hear, so that he can make you happy, at least for the short while he’s with you.

Well, in a nutshell, a man is straight, honest and going for the heart. A boy is going for the body. Choose wisely.