Wangeci Kamau is a Jill of all trades, as she likes to refer to herself. The 25 year old strives to find solutions to every problem, and manages to remain so graceful in her quest for entrepreneurial success


Through keen observation, Wangeci noticed that ladies and young girls have a major problem when it comes to disposing sanitary towels. And from that Lady Grace was born in 2014. Lady Grace is a company that produces sanitary disposal bags. The bags provide a practical and hygienic option for disposal of used sanitary materials.


When I asked her what made her think of this. She says

“I identified a gap through my own unfortunate experiences in public ladies facilities. I kept wishing there was something people would use to disguise their disposals, so that nobody had to see it, smell it or even touch it. I wondered how grown women had become so negligent, questioning even how they handled themselves in their own homes.

People are so entitled to have someone else pick up after them so it become okay to be messy as someone would clean up. I found this preposterous and appalling. It motivated me to want to do better and that is howI arrived at creating this product. My research then revealed there were similar business models in developed coutries. I created a solution to a problem I had encountered and bore the burden to teach about and supply the solution. After all, that is true entrepreneurship, solving social and economic problems.”

The pillars of her business are way beyond products and services, she seeks to play a role in social education; “Ladies must now unlearn their poor habits of disposal and adopt a new fashion of going about it, in a more responsible and hygienic way.”


At 25, what inspired her to be bold enough to leave employment and start her own business?

“Many people leave their jobs and start a business to be their own boss and have freedom. I can say for free that the business is your boss, your clients are your boss and though you are flexible in how you use your time, to thrive, you will work overtime. One has to put in double or triple for their business to pick up speed. Nobody should start a business thinking it is the easy way out. It is, nevertheless, a very fulfilling and insightful venture even when it takes years for a business to shape up.”

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My goal is for every lady to always have a pack of disposal bags in their hand bags/clutch/gym bag/travel bag etc. They are made convenient/compact enough to always carry around so they are available when needed and one is not stuck when they visit, travel, go the office, gym etc.

Over and above this is lifestyle change, the business leaves a mark on the community as it is left cleaner

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